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How to Book

How do I make a booking for Accommodation?

How do I make a booking for Surf Lesson only?

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Our Secure Payment System

Our secure payment system is designed to make payment easy and simple for you and your host (accommodation / surf school):

  1. You pay a small deposit to secure your booking.
  2. The remaining balance is either due on arrival or a certain number of days prior to arrival, depending on what the host has specified.

Both you & the host are protected under our terms & conditions and the cancellation policies (see each host page for theirs).

You can view all your booking details in the My Booking section of our website

What are the payment methods available

Using our secure payment system you can pay with all major Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover) and Debits cards

The payment is secured by Stripe

No Fees

We do not charge any payment processing fee

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Cancellation Policies

How do I cancel my surf holiday?

You can cancel in the MyAccount section. This will send an automatic email to the host telling them of your cancellation.

What are the cancellation charges?

If you cancel your deposit can be used to book the same option again within a year of cancelling. Each host will have a specific policy for refund of the balance which you can see in the Terms section of each property/school page on Surfholidays.com

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Contact & Advice

How do I contact Surfholidays.com

Contact us

How do I know what places suite me best

You can contact our team of experts and ask us or you can browse the website, read reviews, look at pictures, run searches and see what suits you best

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Listing my place

How do I list my surf school/accommodation on your website

Just enter your email and name on our list page and one of our representatives will get in touch with you right away

List your place

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About SurfHolidays.com

Our Mission

We are a team of experts who have picked the best accommodation and surf schools in the world and allow you book them live on our website

Who we are

About us

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